Dressing Up Like a Hipster

Your company is having a costume party next week and the theme is “Go hippie!” While most people may know exactly what a hipster is and how to dress up like one, the younger generations may present clueless to this term.

Silk Print scarves

So what is a hipster?

Hipsters are people who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities that are outside of the social mainstream. They are usually into independent music labels or film productions. Apart from that, they are not a fan of the bandwagon so basically, they don’t dress up according to the latest fashion trends. Hipsters prefers strutting vintage clothes over today’s definition of chick.

How to be a hipster?

In order to survive your costume night at the office, you have to learn how to dress like a hipster. Following are some tips that can help you bring out the hippie chic in you.

  • Know the labels. Several labels cater to the hipster scene; the more well-known include American Apparel, Vans, Brandy Melville, Pacsun, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. Pick out clothes from these brands to make you a credible hipster.
  • Avoid the latest fashion. Do not buy labeled gear from stores run by the label itself. Instead, look for independent retailers because supporting obscure retailers is “totally deck”. For example, buy from local mixed fashion stores near you or even in thrift stores.
  • Repurpose your grandma’s wardrobe. Vintage dresses are favorites of hipster women. Anything floral or lace is enough to spell out hipster. Granny’s closet is definitely a good source; however, you should know how to sew and restyle vintage clothing to fit you.
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses. Shuttershades, oversized plastic framed glasses, and most Ray Ban Wayfarers in all the colors of the rainbow are some of the hipsters’ favorite. They usually don’t go out without a pair of sunglasses on.
  • Accessorize even more. While there is a multitude of accessories that hipsters love, silk print scarves large headwraps, neon nail polish, pins, bright belts, black nailpolish, bird necklaces, patterned and colorful leggings are the most common one that you shouldn’t forget when making your hipster costume. Use one of your mother’s vintage silk print scarves as a headwrap and add some dangling earrings to your ears and you will be good to go.


Tips in Handling a Windfall

Foreign Exchange trading Yesterday, you were broke. Now, you have thousands of dollars in your hand. Experiencing a windfall – or a sudden receipt of a large amount of money – can be exciting and confusing at the same time. For most people, their first reaction would be jumping for joy and thinking of where to put the money. Some would buy something that they have been wanting for so long but other would remain totally clueless.

So should you spend it or save it? Whether you received a lump sum of money from an inheritance or a lottery win, you should be wise when handling your windfall. Sudden wealth could quickly spiral into a living nightmare when you are not too careful. Stop your urge of spending your money lavishly. Read the tips below to learn how not to blow up your windfall.

Treat Yourself

There is nothing wrong about treating yourself or your family after receiving big amounts of money. However, do not fall into the trap of spending too much. Just allocate 5% of the total money for you and your family. That is more than enough to celebrate.

Save for Emergencies

A lot of people come unprepared for unfortunate events and this usually brings them to a great financial distress. So it is important to make saving for emergency fund a priority. Save money that is enough to cover you in case of long months without a job or a sudden loss in the family. This money should be kept somewhere safe and accessible like a bank account.

Pay Off Debts

Debts are real pain. It is wise to pay them off immediately upon receiving your money and this is especially for high-interest rate debts like loans and credit cards. That is because if the interest rate is over 6-8%, it is more than you can reasonably expect to earn by investing that money in Foreign Exchange trading instead.

Make an Investment

Some would suggest for you to invest in a property or a car but it is better to grow your money by doing  Foreign Exchange trading. The currency market is a lucrative avenue for people who want to multiply their finances. But be careful, you have to be knowledgeable first and prepared before investing your money in trading.

4 Key Performance Indicators a Business Should Have

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators and most companies and government organizations are either are using them to Key Perfomance Indicatorsimprove and help them in the systematic approach in their field. Hence, a famous social networking site called LinkedIn rank these KPI’s as the basis ones that each organization should have.

Customer Satisfaction

The main bloodstream of a business is the customers. Without them, your organization wouldn’t be anywhere. Any organization has customers it has to satisfy. Any business, government or non- profit organizations has to make sure that they deliver to their customers efficiently. You have to think of better ways on how to improve your products and services in order to fulfill customer’s needs and wants in order for them to patronize your business.

 Internal Process Quality 

This is one of the key performance indicators that companies need to make sure their services and products are to the expected standards and that they optimize the way these products or services are delivered. Especially for the customer-oriented businesses, all of them have to ensure their processes are as efficient and effective as possible and deliver the quality products and services their customers expect.

Employee Satisfaction

 Aside from the customers, employees are one of the most important ingredients in any business. We all know that companies don’t do well if their employees are not motivated and -happy. Companies should keep them satisfied as well align with being disciplined guided by the rules and regulations.

Financial Performance Index

 Most of the companies needs to ensure it satisfies its shareholders by delivering turnover growth and healthy profits, while other organizations have to demonstrate they deliver value for money to the tax payer and the internal IT function has to ensure it controls costs and generates efficiency savings.

So if your company is seeking relevant and meaningful KPIs, simply start with the basics: customer satisfaction, internal process quality, employee satisfaction and financial performance.

5 Mishaps to Avoid When Operating a Virtual Office

Virtual office DubaiFor aspiring entrepreneurs who only have an ample amount of money to finance their startup, setting up a physical office is not on their priority list. Their preference is often doing business right from their home. Thanks to the new trend called Virtual office Dubai, the budding ones in the world of commerce will not only save money! They can even test the turbulent waters and see if it is really for them without putting the time and effort of incepting a real workplace.

Nevertheless, working in a virtual office Dubai does have its own challenges. Sometimes, the struggles are even harder than the ones faced by the physical office. Knowing the top mistakes when operating your business online can help you avoid falling into traps.

Not backing up your data. It is important to back up your data daily when working on a mobile office. Use an external drive or an online service. And I repeat, do this religiously. Losing your files is detrimental to your business.

Bad Internet connection. Connectivity with your team and with your customers is the lifeblood of your company. When you transact with clients or interact with your team with a fluctuating Internet connection, you can lose a lot of revenues and can put you in more expense. To help you save more business deals and finances, get the fastest broadband connection you can get.

Slacking. Even if you are working at home, you still need to practice good business etiquette. The virtual office is an office. So dress nicely and work like how you would in a real office. Show your employees that what you are doing is serious business.

Disregarding an IT plan. Working with many people can bring some chaos. Some of your staff may install software that the others are not using. This can lead to confusion so you need to make an IT plan to make your operation more unified. Using technologies that don’t work well together consumes time you could be devoting to doing real business. So set standards and expectations and be clear about why you’ve set them.

Not managing your employees. This can be very bad to your business. You have to set your expectations and relay it to your employees. Of course, you need to give some effort in checking their milestones. This can help you avoid getting disappointed. Encourage your employees to do their best within a given time frame and lend some time to answer their questions or hear out their feedback.

Lucrative Industries for Consultancy Company

You hate your boss and you feel uncomfortable working with your colleagues. Perhaps it’s time to leave and set yourself on a different journey. If your gut agrees, then you probably need to fulfill your dream of owning a business.

One of the easiest businesses to form is a consulting firm. Especially if you are a professional who has extensive experience in a certain field, this kind of business can be very lucrative. By simply using the professional skills and networks that you have built over the years, you can stop working with these people that you do not really enjoy being with and start working for yourself.

Libyan Oil Consultant Companies

But which industry should you cater to? Although consulting is a booming business in almost all sectors in the industry, here are some of the most profitable fields where you may want to establish your niche.

  1. Advertising – When you enter this industry, you need to be able to formulate marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that are going to boost a company’s market, sales, and credibility.
  2. Business – Are you an expert in turning business ideas into profit? If you have good experience in making a business thrive, then form business consultancy agency.
  3. Oil and Gas – Petroleum is one of the most important commodities. This is why consultants in this field are the most sought after. Consulting businesses in Libya for oil and gas are booming continuously. If you are interested in becoming one of the Libyan Oil Consultant Companies, your company should provide advice to government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds.
  4. Communications – Consultants for communications specialize in assisting employees of different kinds of entities to communicate more effectively. This helps businesses more efficient and enables to operate smoothly.
  5. Accounting – Companies who provide accounting consultancy are probably the most sought after by clients next to Libyan Oil Consultant Companies Accounting is something that every business needs, no matter how large or small. Accounting consultants can help a business with all of its financial needs.




How to Turn Off Prospective Homebuyers

Real estate agents in Dubai MarinaDo you have a home you need to sell but do not really want to? Whether you think that this is not the right time or you are simply too attached to the house, it can really hard to let go of something that is brought you so much memories. Especially if this place is where you grew up, it is heartbreaking to imagine that a family, which is not yours, will be growing old in this home and living happily.

Whatever your reason is, as long as selling the house is not a financial necessity, you can try staging your house exactly the opposite of how the apartments in Dubai Marina are being presented to prospective clients. Following are some problems that you can induce in your home to ward off homebuyers.

  1. Make it smelly. A clean and fresh atmosphere is very much inviting to consumers. You do not want that. Give them the uh-oh factor and they will surely be gone in minutes. Odors from smoking cigarettes, poops of pets or mildew are great ways to seal the bad smell in your house. To make it worse, spray some perfume to make it seem like you are trying to cover up the smell.
  2.  Dogs. Place your dog on the driveway. This can frighten and irritate people once they see your dog seamlessly barking at them. Get your big buddy to do the trick for you. You can also place them inside the master’s bedroom and surprise interested homebuyers.
  3. Dirty bathrooms. Nothing is more disgusting than a house with dirty bathrooms. If you are going to have an open house next week, you can start skipping the bathroom during the cleaning. Let the stain stay where they are. This is enough to give an icky feeling.
  4. Loose the curb appeal. If the real estate agents in Dubai Marina secure the curb appeal, do not do it. Homebuyers often turn down houses with an untrimmed yard, sagging doors or peeling paint.
  5. Hover around during the open house. Even if your agent tells you to leave the house during showings, don’t! This is your chance to make every homebuyer feel uncomfortable about surveying your house. Be sure to stare at them while they open your closet doors. This prevents them from lingering for a really good look at the house. If you are up for some fun, why not tell some spooky stories like how your grandmother died on the couch in the living room.

4 Basic Things an Elderly Needs

As my skin gets wrinkled and my metabolism slows down, the thought of being old just slip through and give some feeling ofHome Nursing in Dubai weariness. Maybe because I’ve seen some old people not being taken care of that made me felt shame to their families and relatives. Maybe there are acceptable reasons that made them leave their kin, but it’s just a ghastly feeling to see them cold and hungry, alone in the streets. I’ve written some of the primary needs an old person needs so that if I happened to be there, maybe I will try to prepare this on my own or if you happen to have loved ones who are getting there, you might be thinking to provide attention to their future needs.

Financial needs – everyone needs money to buy necessities. If an elderly has a pension benefit then he or she has a steady income that will sustain his or her basic needs. But for those that don’t have, it is the support of a family member that calls for the action. After all, they deserve to be supported as much they support you during their prime years.

Housing. People who get old prefer more to stay at home and do less activity. One can hire a nurse from Home Nursing in Dubai if they want their family member to stay in their house or put them in a good nursing facility that should feel like home as well and will be able to support their physical and emotional needs. Sometimes, it is also good for them to be with the people of their age for some interaction.

Health Care – Health is the most essential need when talking about elderly needs. One’s body tends to slowly be less active and older people are prone to serious diseases. If one decided to let their elderly member stay in Nursing home in Dubai, they should remind the nursing aids of the health requirements of their loved ones.

Dietary Needs – Often diet of an elderly needs to be adjusted according their medical conditions. This should be seriously paid attention at especially that their digestive process and food intake will never be the same 20 years ago.

5 Things to do When You’re Tired of Being Broke

Finance Training in DubaiMaybe for some time, you are definitely fine living without money and having that laid back life without minding anything,  no obligations to anybody just yourself. But one day you start being tired, tired of being broke.

As one blogger say, there’s nothing wrong of being broke, but it is also not absolutely wrong of you wanting to have that financial freedom having been able to buy the things that you need and want. So if you’re shaving your ass out of the bed and want to cut yourself from being that couch potato here are some ways on how to jump back your life again.

  • Stay physically and mentally healthy. Start your day by exercises that can be very great for your physical and mental state. This will help you be motivated and have a clear goal on what to do next.
  • Have a general cleaning in your place or n your room at least. Nothing feels greater for a fresh start than de cluttering, throwing away the things that you need and feel a bit lighter and get motivated as well.
  • Stop wasting your time. Avoid spending a lot of your time In Face Book, Twitter and Instagram while reading all those updates in your news feed unless it generates money for your meal at least. Begin to spend your time to productive ones that at least help other people or make money for your daily needs.
  • Get part-time job. Maybe it’s been a long time that you had your full time job and you’re not ready for one so might as well get a part-time or project-based job for a start.  You can start acquiring Finance Training in Dubai online or free seminars that can put you connection for a quick start.
  • Get support. This is not the people who will give you financial support but can advice you on whatever to do at this point of time. They might tell you to go to free finance training in Dubai that can help you manage and start your financial problems.

Why You Should Get Your Adrenaline Rushing

Are you tired of living your life sitting on the sidelines? Now is probably the right time to bring some more flavors into your life. Doing the same routine for the several past years can turn you into a boring and depressed person. Chances are, right now, you already are. But of course, you can always save yourself. Although this is not an easy feat, you can definitely get back up. All it takes is some initiative and willingness, and you can effectively revive the zest of your younger years.

Daily deals dubai

Start by engaging yourself in some action that can get your heart racing. With so many daily deals dubai for extreme outdoor activities, you can try almost every activity the city has to offer. For people who are not adrenaline junkies, just the sound of this is terrifying enough. But once you find out the wide range of benefits that go with adrenaline pumping activities, you will surely be encouraged to take things up a notch.

First, when you begin doing extreme activities, you are learning to get yourself out of your comfort zone. This eventually makes you a positive thinker. Once you get yourself off the chart, you will realise that you have a knack for exhilaration and excitement after all. Before you know it, your self-esteem will be like never before and you will develop a positive outlook.

Second, the rush of adrenaline brought by intense experiences can hone your decision making skills. When we are faced with emotionally and physically extreme situations once in a while, our neuropeptide – an amino acid responsible for regulating our brains during alarming instances– keep our cognitive functions working better. Thus, adrenaline pumping activities can make you choose the right solutions.

Third, off-the-wall actions can clear your mind and bring you into a state called situational awareness. This condition makes people conscious of what is happening around them, and assists them in understanding how information, events, and their own actions create an impact to their goals and objectives.

Last but not the least; getting yourself involved in any extreme activity from daily deals dubai can be beneficial for your physical health as well. It is a good way to exercise and strengthen your body’s major muscle groups. Aside from that, it also lets you breathe easier. The adrenaline hormone in the body causes smooth muscles like bronchioles in the lungs to relax. This causes people to inhale deeper and smoother.

Survival Tools for Terrible Frantic Toothache

Most people say that giving birth to a child is the worst pain an individual can experience.  To some others, however, this statement is absolutely debatable. Well, if you ask me, I will agree to the ones who dispute the case. Pain tolerance varies from person to person. We all have different perception of pain. Thus, it is likely that what hurts the most for you may not be that extreme to another.  But if the topic is about terrible frantic pain, most of us will probably agree that toothache should be included in the most excruciating list.

Dentist Dubai

Even the ones who already had a fair share of pain concur that a bad toothache is really agonizing. What usually starts with a slight twitch eventually leads you to a desperate and throbbing situation. Especially if the toothache pesters in the middle of the night and no dentist Dubai is awake to attend you, this typically spells hopelessness. Nevertheless, toothache episodes do not always have to be distressing. If you know acquaint yourself with the following easy home remedies, you can surely make it through the dark night.

  1. Ice cube. This one of the most common survival tool of toothache victims. If your tooth is not that damaged, an ice cube can effectively alleviate your pain. Take a cube and apply it directly to the affected tooth. Massage it gently to numb the central nervous system.
  2. Garlic. Mince a piece of garlic and sprinkle it with salt. Afterward, chew the garlic on the affected part. Slowly, your aching will disappear. When you wake up in the morning, immediately go to a dental clinic.
  3. Blackseed oil.  Take one teaspoon of blackseed oil and mix it with half cup of vinegar and boil. Once done, let the liquid cool down and then use it to rinse your mouth. Do this every one to two hours until your dentist Dubai becomes available.
  4. Wheat grass juice. If you are a health buff, chances are you have wheat grass juice in your fridge. For those who are not, you can buy this juice at any health store. Just use this juice to wash your mouth and you can expect relief. Wheat grass is effective in cleansing the oral cavity from germs that causes tooth decay.
  5. Wet tea bag. Get a tea bag and dip it into a dish of hot water. After a few seconds, let it slightly cool down then start pressing the tea bag to the sore area. Black tea is recommended because it is composed with astringent tannins that can reduce inflammation.